Engagement Photo Shoot Theme Ideas

Engaged and have a photo shoot coming up? Feeling a little stuck with what to do? Engagement photos should show your dating life – What do you like to to do together? What places do you frequently go to?

Still unsure? Here’s a list of fun options that might give you a little inspiration with what to do for your next photo shoot:

Cars (shirts with your favorite car logos, tools, grease)

Fair/Carnival/Amusement Park/Circus/Rodeo (cotton candy, roller coasters, funnel cake, stuffed animals/prizes, food on a stick, balloons, western wear, rope)

Library (books, library cards, card catalog)

Police/Fireman/Military/EMS (uniform, handcuffs, emergency vehicle)
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Movies (popcorn, candy, large sodas, tickets, theater, 3D Glasses)

Traveling (plane, car, bus, train, suitcases, maps, boarding passes, passport, driving gloves, scarf)
Airplane Engagement

Picnic/BBQ (blanket or red and white checkered tablecloth, basket, assorted finger foods, bottle of wine with glasses, BBQ pit)

Arcade (pinball<, ski-ball<, tickets, pool table)
Butler's Courtyard Wedding Photographer (39)
Ashton Gardens Wedding Photographer (32)

Urban (exposed brick, funky colored walls, graffiti)

Baseball/Basketball/Football/Soccer (hot dogs, peanuts, cracker jacks, bat, glove, ball, jersey, hoop, goal post, soccer net, favorite team flag/pennant)

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Country (open field, barn, cowboy boots/hats, wild flowers)
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Super Hero (costumes, cape, mask)

Beach (palm trees, sand, beach balls, sand dollars, sand castles)

A Night Out (at a swanky bar, cocktails/beer, colorful cocktail dress)

Tuscan Courtyard Wedding Photographer

Holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July)

Christmas lights couple photo

Hobbies (taking photos of one another, riding bikes, fishing, hiking, camping, playing/listening to music, surfing, gardening)
Lake Jackson, TX Wedding Photographer

Everyday Life (doing laundry, cooking together, coffee shop talk, walking the dogs)
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The possibilities are endless! The best pictures you will get are the ones that feel the most natural. If bowling is your thing, then let’s have a bowling engagement shoot! If playing video games is something you enjoy as a couple, let’s incorporate it into your photos. You’re engaged! Let’s show off your love in a natural way.