My parents were married at just 18 years old – which, even in the psychedelic times of the 70’s was still pretty young to get married. However, I’ve never seen a couple more in love than my parents. As a kid, when I would catch them kissing in the kitchen, I would squirm my skinny little arm between theirs, wrinkle up my face, and say “eww gross”. But you know what? I secretly loved it. I love that my dad would walk my mom out to her car every morning and kiss her goodbye. I loved that they held hands when we went places together as a family. I loved that my dad put his arm around my mom when we were sitting in church on Sunday mornings. I noticed every little loving moment my parents publicly shared and I will do the same for you.

I notice when the groom is dancing with his mom and the bride is standing there watching with tears in her eyes. I see it when the bride is showing off her ring to her friends and her groom glances across the room at her just so he can know where she is. I love when the groom puts his hand on the small of her back and gently guides her through a doorway. I see those little moments that mean so much to your relationship and I document them so you can always remember the way you felt that day.

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